Life without purpose is a worthless life and the time spent here on earth is wasted as you are living an unfulfilled life.   We are created in the image and likeness of God with mandatory assignments of productive growth and fruitfulness in the specific callings upon our lives (Genesis 1:26-28). As Sons and Daughters who have inheritances in the kingdom of God, it is important to understand the significance of what/why you are here on earth for in order to live a fulfilled life.   Also to maximise your potentials through Christ in you the hope of glory, adding value to the lives of others.


The mentorship programme is a personal one to one development programme tailored to your specific needs and designed to challenge, inspire and keep you in alignment with God’s plans over your life. Every individual is unique and peculiar in their ways and our role is to discover those gifts and talents, mentoring you to develop an increasing boldness and confidence in fulfilling your destiny and purpose driven life.


  • We aim to encourage, guide and mentor you into your dreams and purpose driven vision.
  • Our desire is to walk with you during the process of personal development in achieving your goals and vision
  • There shall ceaseless prayers and intercessions on your behalf for clarity, deeper insights and understanding on the way forward
  • We endeavour to develop strong possible relationships supporting, encouraging, and guiding you in every decision making process